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HOLY FAT! gives theoretical background and advice on practical approach to the LCHF (low carb high fat) diet and its strictest version: the ketogenic diet.

The Authors



Is a BSc Dietitian and a renowned nutrition consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field of weight loss and fitness coaching. Being passionate about science and experimental breakthroughs, he’s followed nutritional science, while upgrading his knowledge and expertise over the years. He regularly attends conferences on metabolic therapies in the USA. In the past decade, his main focus has been the ketogenic diet/LCHF nutrition: the mounting scientific evidence shows that this kind of nutrition nit only helps with weight loss but also improves health and general well-being, both strong factors for longevity. In 2017, Gašper was the dietitian in charge of a large ketogenic diet clinical trial (trial ID: NCT03338452). He has published several books on the topic of LCHF nutrition; “Holy Fat!” is the first one to be translated to English and few other languages.



Is a writer. In the past few years, LCHF nutrition has been her main inspiration, booth as culinary practice as well as a research topic. She was the European deadlift record holder. She swears by science and has a secret infatuation with PubMed.

The diet that helped millions

It’s delightful to be able to share with you the experiences with customers and the knowledge about LCHF. We are confident that yoo too can lose weight, manage blood lipids, glucose and insulin levels and make you feel better. You too can be one of the LCHF success stories!

The end of hunger
The end of constantly feeling hungry and the end of hunger itself.

Less belly fat
A reduced waist circumference and subsequently less belly fat.

Glycemic control
Stabilized blood sugar and lower levels of insulin. It is possible that you will have to reduce your diabetes medication.

Improved blood lipid levels
A distinct improvement of the lipid levels in blood (cholesterol and triglycerides). Doctors will be astonished!

Less inflammation
Systemic inflammation decreases and the grounds for the development of serious disease are removed.

Sharp mind
Improved mental capacity and better focus.

More energy
An end to constantly feeling unwell, fatigued or lacking in energy.

Cravings? Gone!
Craving carbohydrate rich foods becomes just an unpleasant memory.

Fewer meals, more time!
Fewer meals required; often even three meals a day prove to be too much.

Yummy food
A diverse diet that looks appetizing and appealing.

Mirror happy
Better looking body, feeling lighter, more attractive and self-confident.

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