Holy fat! How dietary fats can help you lose weight and feel good

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Holy fat! gives theoretical background and advice on practical approach to the LCHF (low carb high fat) diet and its strictest version: the ketogenic diet.

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160 pages

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Holy fat! gives theoretical background and advice on practical approach to the LCHF (low carb high fat) diet and its strictest version: the ketogenic diet. Written in a witty and highly accessible language, it is a comprehensive and informative book. Have you been following the official nutritional guidelines and yet became fat, tired and sick? Holy fat! will explain why being fat and tired is more than expected whey following “MyPlate” or any other carb-promoting food guide.

Snippets from the Book

Many theories found in DIETARY LITERATURE try to explain the reasons behind the modern EPIDEMIC OF OBESITY. This isn’t just vanity: it’s not just us dreaming of TONED BODIES like those seen on the covers of magazines, in movies and on TV. The presented statistics evidently show that most of us are actually overweight. Unfortunately, being OVERWEIGHT isn’t just an aesthetic issue, but A HEALTH ISSUE that not only requires attention of fitness coaches, but of all public health institutions around the world.

We rarely reflect on this, but we take TOO MANY THINGS FOR GRANTED: if you think about it, stepping into a supermarket or ordering that mouth-watering pizza and having it delivered to you by a dude on a moped, is not so “normal” or self-explanatory. The fact that it is VERY EASY TO OBTAIN FOOD and that there is an abundance of it, is – from a historical perspective – highly unusual, and the time-span of this occurrence is relatively short. Apart from the past few decades, HUMANS throughout history found that food wasn’t something they could take for granted, nor was it easy to obtain. Not only that, FOOD SHORTAGE was an ISSUE most of the time.

Table of contents

  • 10 Benefits of the LCHF Diet
  • Introduction
    • Three Disclaimers for You, Precious Readers
    • None of the Diets Work – Tested! Why Should This One?
    • On Choice of Words and other Semantic Affairs
      • Fats
      • Healthy and Natural
      • “Porklings”
      • Diets
  • Fat in the 21st Century: Public Enemy Number 1
    • How Did We Manage to Get So Fat?
    • Why Are You Overweight?
    • History Of Food Consumption
      • Prehistoric Period Before the Neolithic Revolution
      • The Neolithic Agricultural Revolutions
      • The Industrial Revolution
      • Obesity Epidemic and Measures to Control it
  • Theory
    • How does Our Body Get Energy from Food?
    • Dietary Fats
      • Triglycerides
        • Degree of Saturation
        • The Chain Length
        • The Most Important Fatty Acids
        • Fatty Acid Profiles in Major Fatty Foods
        • MCT Oil
      • Cholesterol
    • Carbohydrate Restriction Diets
      • Dr. Atkins Diet
    • What is the Ketogenic Diet and How Does It Work
      • Dietary Ketosis – When Blood Glucose Levels Drop
      • Ketogenic Spectrum: Dietary Ketosis is Different to Ketoacidosis
      • Measuring Levels of Ketone Bodies
        • Through Urine
        • Through Exhaled Air
        • Through Blood
    • Criticism of the Ketogenic Diet
    • Can You Assure That the Ketogenic Diet Isn’t Just a Trend?
    • (Therapeutic) Effects of the Ketogenic Diet
      • Overweight and Obesity
        • Popularity of the Ketogenic Diet Among Users
        • Lowered Appetite and Hunger During the Ketogenic Diet
        • Science on Obesity and the Ketogenic Diet
      • What’s the Deal with Insulin?
        • Insulin Resistance
        • Type 2 Diabetes
        • The Metabolic Syndrome
        • The Ketogenic Diet, Insulin, Diabetes
      • Dietary Fats Block Arteries and Are Extremely and Awfully Terrible
        • Extremely and Awfully Terrible Fat
        • Using Ketogenic Diet to Tame Wild Blood Lipids
      • The Brain Surely Needs Glucose
    • Side Effects
      • Keto Flu
      • Hypoglycemic Episodes
      • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency
      • Frequent Urination
      • Constipation or Diarrhea
      • Acetone Breath
      • Long-Term Side Effects
    • Who is the Diet Rich in Fats Suitable for?
    • Dilemma: Keto or LCHF?
      • Keto Ratios – Ratios of Macro Nutrients
  • Practical Advice
  • Final Thoughts

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